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What Is Structured Water?

    What Is Structured Water?

    The following video explains what is structured water!

    What Is Structured Water?

    Structured water is water that mimics what nature intended water to be. Meaning water in its intrinsic state is life supporting, revitalizing, hydrating and an active solvent that is able to display its properties effectively. This can be demonstrated by rain water and spring water that are pure and not contaminated with any toxic substances or any matter that has harmful vibrational frequencies.

    Most water that we have nowadays is called bulk water and performs poorly in all the areas mentioned above; i.e. life supporting, revitalizing, hydrating, etc. Bulk or unstructured water still performs the same but poorly and not as effective as structured would. The sad news is we are surrounded by bulk water all around us even for agriculture.

    As if to add salt to the wound, rain water and spring water are not readily available hard to find. To remedy the situation research and science have evolved to make what is called structured water using water structuring devices and methods. Though structured water is a common name but this kind of water goes by many names depending on the method used to produce it, the science behind, the manufacturer and even the location or country where it is made.

    The name may also be influenced by the property and characteristics of water that the manufacturer or method may be looking at. Read more details – what is structured water.

    But essentially structured water is water that is made from bulk water through a device or method that will improve some properties and characteristics of water such that some intrinsic values are restored. Read how to make structured water…

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