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What happens when you drink Structured water?

    What happens when you drink Structured water?

    When you drink structured water, on daily basis, expect your health to improve. Structured water is not the same as ordinary water that we are used to. First off, it is highly hydrating compared to ordinary water. That on its own opens up a whole lot of possibilities for how you can benefit from structured water. Hydration is the key to a number of functions in our bodies. When one is well hydrated, there is sufficient water in the cells to flush out toxins, transport nourishment, etc. The results are normally seen, among other things, with glowing youthful skin and fresh, healthy looking hair.

    Study On What Happens When You Drink Structured Water

    There has been studies and experiments carried out to find out what happens when you drink structured water. One of such studies was designed to find out the influence of drinking structured water to human psychophysiology. The energized structured water was consumed by a test group of people for one month to find out its impact under normal environmental conditions. There was a test group of 15 people and a control group of 15 other people.

    Influence Of Drinking Structured Water To Human Psychophysiology

    The idea was to find out the impact of the consumption of structured water on the human body in normal environmental conditions during one month.

    Materials and methods: The following techniques have been used in the study: study of body composition by bioelectric impedance; clinical and biochemical blood analysis; psychological testing; heart rate variability (HRV) method; Bio-Well GDV method. This study was an open, randomized, comparative study in which the main performance indicators were evaluated in 15 subjects – an experimental group using structured water – 1 liter per day for a month, compared to 15 subjects in the control group (using unstructured water of the same brand for a month). . Comparative tests were carried out initially and after 1 month.

    Results: Both groups demonstrated an increase in the average concentration of hemoglobin in erythrocytes, which indicated an improvement in water-salt metabolism, which was due to the regular water consumption regardless of its structure. The experimental group revealed a significant reduction in total body weight due to reduction of fat mass; a significant decrease in creatinine levels, as well as an increase in glomerular filtration of the kidneys, which reflects the improvement of renal excretory function and a decrease in the level of endogenous intoxication of the body; the growth of HRV and Bio-Well GDV parameters reflecting parasympathetic activity and variability of heart rhythm and the decrease of parameters which reflect the degree of sympathetic regulation and centralization of heart rhythm. No such changes were observed in the control group, but there was a reliable negative dynamics of parameters for most of participants.

    Conclusions: From the analysis of experimental data was concluded that structured water consumed 1 liter per day for a month contributes to the reduction of body fat mass, improvement of water-salt metabolism, improvement of kidney excretory function, reduction of endogenous intoxication of the body, increase of adaptive and stress-response and reserve capacity of the body even in adverse seasonal, climatic and epidemiological period. In contrast, in the control group there was a reliable negative dynamics of parameters for most of participants. The experiment was conducted during the unfavorable seasonal, climatic and epidemiological period – the period of seasonal immunodeficiency, depression and reduced efficiency. At the same time, this investigation should be considered as a pilot study, as the sample size (n=30) is too small to draw any decisive conclusions. Since the study includes different age groups, sexes, and profession with that small sample size, it becomes even more complicated to draw any conclusions. We hope, that presented results stimulate development of new studies, dedicated to the influence of water to human health and wellbeing… continue reading!

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