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Is Structured Water Real

    Is Structured Water Real

    The benefits and results of using structured water are overwhelming and clear to anyone who has switched to structured water. However, these results and benefits are not as apparent as they are to a number of consumers. Part of the reason is skepticism while with others is just sheer disbelief or the thinking that science has discovered all nature’s mysteries so there is nothing new. The question “is structured water real” is often asked by those who are intrigued by the concept.

    Is Structured Water A Real Thing

    The question is structured water real is slowly becoming redundant
    The question is structured water a real thing is still somewhat relevant but will soon fade away as gradually it is becoming abundantly clear that structured water is real

    Structured water is a phenomenon simply because it goes against the grain that water as we know it can be more superior than it already is. Or have more qualities and characteristics already defined by science. Currently the concept of structured water is controversial and causing disbelief but that does not make it a myth or hoax as some might believe.

    What even adds more salt to the wound is the fact that explanation of structured water seems to disagree with what science has defined as water and its properties. So the controversy escalates even further when it is said to be (or have) H3O2 (instead of the known H2O), or it is the fourth phase of water, it is hexagonal, etc. Speak less of its benefits whether health-wise in agriculture or in general use. Here people start to assert the belief that structured water is hoax.

    The other thing that disadvantages or encourages the question “is structured water real” is in trying to prove its existence. Proving the existence of structured was something that could not be immediately done especially at individual or consumer level. And where proof was possible it involved comparison of before and after or relative comparison where different sample were used from different sources.

    Proving That Structured Is Real

    Gradually proving that structured water is real is becoming easier and easier like proving presence of starch with a litmus paper, well it is not there yet! But there is an accomplishment – there is a way to detect or test for H3O2 molecules in water to certify if it is structured or not. This has been achieved with the Aqua Energizer devices. This kind of structured water evidence is what is needed to demystify any perceived doubts about energized structured water.

    How Is Structured Water Made

    There are different ways to make structured water including methods of making it at home DIY style. The most effective way though is to use a structured water device more so that you have the option of using a device that can structure water the whole house not just for drinking.

    The traditional way of making structured water is using copper plate in a clay pot full of water. The copper plate is immersed into water and left overnight for maximum structuring.

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