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Is hexagonal water real?

    Is hexagonal water real?

    Hexagonal water is an alternative name given to structured water but influenced more by the assumed structure water attains when in that state. It is believed structured water has a hexagonal structure and apart from being highly organized when attaining this structure, it is also water in its natural state. Water in its natural state is extra-ordinary, it far-surpasses ordinary water that we are used to in all the ways. So the short answer is YES – hexagonal water is real.

    Is Hexagonal Water Real The Right Question To Ask

    One might wonder if the question “is hexagonal water real” the right question to ask. Well it depends. It depends on the context it is being asked. The context in which it is asked matters because one might be referring to the actual physical hexagonal structure or to the concept of what hexagonal water is.

    Contextual Look At Hexagonal Water

    When we look at it contextually, there are different schools of thought surrounding it. There is a school of thought that says hexagonal shape is not possible therefore there cannot be such a thing as hexagonal water. One example is the view point of Jamie Buturff. In his video here titled “The Myth of Structured Water and Hexagonal Water” where he showcases his Jamie Buturff water device aka Platonic Solids Molecular Hydrogen Device. In the video he says there is no such thing as hexagonal water and debunks Dr Geral Pollack’s theory of structured water saying as a myth. Then he goes on to debunk or dismiss Clayton Nolte’s natural Action devices.

    In his explanation why hexagonal water is a myth he talks about platonic solids and how they work in the body to take in and out substances. In this video he completely disputes the concept of structured (from the contextual viewpoint). His contextual viewpoint is hexagonal structure is solid and if water were to be hexagonal its volume would have to increase by 9% (when water freezes it expands by 9%). Volume would increase because it would attain solid structure.

    However, he has an earlier video that talks about platonic solids sacred geometry and how that structures. The video is titled “Real Structured Water and the High pH Myth”. What is fascinating is, he disputed this concept in his water video discussed above.

    Here are the videos side by side.

    Real Structured Water and the High pH Myth

    The Myth of Structured Water and Hexagonal Water


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    Conceptual Look At Hexagonal Water

    Conceptualy hexagonal water is water restored to its natural state. And water in its natural state is way better than ordinary water we are used to like tap water, filtered, ro water, etc. So some people are saying no to this concept and that such water does not exist or at least it cannot be made (from structured water devices). They say it is a sales hype.

    Here is a relatively recent video titled “Ask Dr. Nate Episode #6: The Magical Mystical Rainbow Life Energy of Structured Water” by ZipGrow. ZipGrow empowers modern farmers with hardware, software, and services to make a positive impact on their local food economies. The manufacture agricultural necessities like ZipGrow Tower, ZipGrow Farm Wall, etc. In this video, at around 6 minutes 50 seconds they brush off existence of structured and pour water onto what it can do.

    Currently there is so much research going on in the agricultural sector to study the effectiveness on the use of structured in Agriculture. Different studies show an average of 30% decrease in costs, better crop yield and better production whether in poultry, dairy, piggery, etc. Perhaps instead of the debunking the structured water theory the focus should have been on the manufacturer in the way they presented their products. There will always be bad apples. The theory of structured water, which now has overwhelming proof, still stands. The water is better and is good for agriculture.

    Structured Water Evidence

    Here is some of the studies done on structured water in farming;

    Structured Water: An Exciting New Field In Water Science
    It has been reported that water at the interface of a hydrophilic thin film forms an exclusion zone, which has a higher density than ordinary water. The structured water or fourth phase water has a molecular structure that is arranged in a liquid crystal. This structured water appears to have a simulative effect on plant growth. Structured water is being used in agriculture, dairy, poultry, medicine and construction industries with unbelievable benefits. There was both qualitative and quantitative yield improvement. Structured water did not contain energetic toxins, bring forward high oxygenation states, increases energy along with regulates and balances the soil minerals at the same time exhibits anti oxidant properties… continue reading

    Study of structured water and its biological effects
    The study of water structuring under the influence of different devices and biological effects of such waters require the development of different methods.

    Statistically significant difference between control and experimental samples were demonstrated on three brands of waters, but no effect on the fourth water brand. For samples of food products: apple, banana, carrot, celery, potato, cheese and sausage statistically significant difference between control and experimental samples was found. Observation of the germination rate of rye and oat seeds showed that the appearance of the first root (seed pecking) occurred 1 day earlier in the experiment than in the control. In the experiment, an average of 81.5% to 57% of seeds grew, while in the control 47.8%. In the experiment there were 63.2% to 54.0% of the right seedlings, while in the control 47.8%. The development of potato roots in the experimental variants was about 2 times higher than the roots in the control variants… continue reading

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