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How To Make Structured Water With Magnets

    How To Make Structured Water With Magnets

    Structured water can be made from magnets using magnetic field generated by a pair or series of magnets. There are many water structuring products on the market today that use magnetic field to structure water, some combine it with other methods of revitalizing water.

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    How To Make Magnetic Structured Water Device

    Here is a video that shows how to make magnetic structured water from a set of magnets and a number of items.

    In this video I’m showing and demonstrating my Structured Water Vortexer Design. The Magnets Structure the Water. The Vortex Energizes the Water.

    This device breaks the water molecules into smaller clusters, which allows your body to absorb more of the energized water.

    Vortexes in nature are the highest energy state of water for example. Hurricanes, Tornado’s and Whirlpools.

    The Vortexer is very easy to build yourself and only costs about $10 in parts to build.

    Parts List

    1″ Diameter clear vinyl hose
    1 1/4″ Diameter clear vinyl hose
    4 – 1/4″ disc magnets
    2 Glass Bottles
    Cut a 3″ piece of the 1″ and 1 1/4″ clear vinyl hose.
    Drill 4 – 1/4″ holes evenly spaced around the middle of the 1 1/4″ hose.

    Then push the 1″ hose into the 1 1/4″ hose so the edges line up. Then put the 1/4″ disc magnets in the holes you drilled. Then file or sand the edges so they are smooth. Glass bottles work better then Plastic. Use 24oz. or Bigger Bottles.

    I like using miller high life bottles because I like the shape of them. I use Distilled or Carbon filtered water. I truly believe this is the best water you can drink. Read How To Make Structured Water

    Vortex Magnetizer

    You can also purchase an already designed magnetic water device. It is called Vortex Magnetizer available online from a number of merchants. One of them is Dancing With Water.

    Click Here To Learn More…

    Magnetic Structured Water Device

    Companies That Make Structured Water With Magnets

    Using magnets to make structured water is a method used by many reputable companies. Below is a list of some companies that make structured water with magnets.

    H2O Benelux

    H2O Benelux Water Structuring CompanyH2O Benelux is a Belgian company and their Dynamizer Unit GIE uses 3 magnets that produce magnetic field along the path of flowing water to restructure it. The magnetic field also breaks down the polluting frequencies that remain after filtration.

    As bulk water is filtered through the filtering unit called Filter Aquaphor the filtered out mold and other toxic organisms leave behind their frequencies such that the water remains toxic or unsafe to an extent. This phenom does not happen with the Filter Aquaphor only it happens in all water filtering systems whether complex or simple. As long as such a system does not have a water structuring technology to neutralize these toxic frequencies.

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