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How Long Does Structured Water Last?

    How Long Does Structured Water Last?

    Water, once structured, is very sensitive to the extent that it will loose this property if subjected to conditions that do not support this innate nature of water. Further, how long does structured water last, depends on these conditions in order to stay structured. The short answer is if the conditions and circumstances are right, water can stay structured as long as possible as in the case where structured water exists in nature. That water has been structured ever since.

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    How Long Does Structured Water Stay Structured?

    Structured water or the innate nature of water is affected or influenced by many factors and that is why naturally occurring living water is hard to come by these days. So how long does structured water stay structured is a question that one needs to understand the nature of water and most importantly, what influences its being (structured) or behavior and vice versa.

    What Makes Or Influences Water To Be Structured Or De-structured

    For water to possess its intrinsic qualities, i.e. structured, some processes and conditions must exist within or around the water. Here are some of these processes and conditions;

    Distance & Movement

    Some water appearing in nature which has its innate qualities still intact is because of movement. When water flows in nature, it makes a fascinating and intriguing movement as observed by Viktor Schauberger. It meanders and spirals creating a vortex as it moves along. These vortices form because of water cascading over uneven surfaces and walls of the riverbeds, rocks, etc and other surfaces. It also comes across resistances (e.g trees, rocks, etc. that are in its ways) thus slowing it down.

    As this happens the water will form eddies and move along making vortexes. This very process or movement is the one that rejuvenates water, it is like a self cleaning exercise. This vortexing is what encourages the structured nature of water and becomes natural action structured water. When water attains this structure it develops affinity (or osmotic potential) for more other nature and life supporting elements.

    You can compare vortex structured water to distilled water or cultivated soil. They call distilled water hungry water because it stripped off any nutrients or any other substances that are found normally in water. So distilled water would absorb or draw in anything that it can that it comes in contact with. That is why it is not advised to drink distilled water for extended periods of time or it is used for detoxing.

    (As a side note using distilled water can be structured it might have better results than plain distilled water. This because structured water in itself is life supporting and has some intelligence so it is likely that it can draw useful nutrients from the body into itself… this is just a thought!)

    Regarding cultivated soil, think of it like tilling the soil before planting crops. Tilled soil is already a good ground for crops because it is easily aerated, can hold water better, etc. So when you later add fertilizer, water and all other necessary things in gardening, the soil is well prepared. The other point to note is that tilled soil is much better than un-tilled soil (even if you do not add anything to it to enhance crop germination or growth, it is life supporting as it is).

    So vortexed water rearranges water molecules to attain a structure that supports qualities of what structured water is known to be. In other words, when considering the above analogy, vortex structured water is much better than water from the tap, bottled water, RO water, etc. To make it even better, like adding fertilizer to the soil, let us look at other conditions that build up or add to the intrinsic qualities of water.

    In application, Ben Greenfield structured water devices or vortex water revitalizer use vortexing to make structured water.


    As water vortexes along or when it has attained its optimal structure (i.e. arrangement of molecules being micro-clustered) it develops affinity for nature life supporting elements. As it meanders along or in a state of optimal structure and interacts with its surroundings it absorbs, resonates with and adapts whatever is life supporting (or not life supporting though this will destroy its optimal structure!). This may also be called entrainment.

    According to Quantum Physics, every in nature has a vibrational frequency. So water will interact with anything at vibrational frequency. SO what is interesting is structured water will have or absorb and resonate with life supporting frequency and tend to destroy or neutralize any frequency that is not life supporting.

    That is to say structured water will neutralize life threatening frequency of chlorine or fluoride in water and will adapt life supporting frequency of trace elements as an example. In other words as water interacts with rocks, crystals, etc. it will absorb these elements as well as have vibrational frequencies of these elements.

    In application, units like UMH structured water devices have crystals like shungite, quartz, etc. to entrain these frequencies into water as it gets vortexed along the devices. As another example biotite is used in the same manner.

    What is also important to note is that once water is structured it has the ability to vibrationally neutralize toxic substances in it (substances like Fluoride, chlorine, heavy metals, etc).


    Where and how water is stored has an influence it the intrinsic quality of water. Water is very sensitive to its surroundings and highly responsive to the resonance around it. Storage has at least two aspects to it in terms of keeping or making the structured nature of water to last for long. One aspect is the type of vessel used, the material! The other is the surroundings.

    Container Or Vessels For Storing Structured Water

    Vortexing is not always necessary for the innate qualities of water to be restored back into it. Some containers can make structured water without having to vortex it. This means when water is stored in this type of containers where initially structured or not, it will stay structured long enough.

    Copper Containers – Copper in itself can make structured water. In act it is one of the cheapest ways to make structured water at home. Simply pour clean water (structured or not) and the water will become structured overnight and stay structured until use.

    Ceramic Pot With Copper Sheet – Alternatively water can be stored in a ceramic pot (or glass bottle) with a clean copper sheet immersed in the water. In the same manner the water will stay structured or will structure overnight if it was not initially structured.

    Structured Water Bottle – Another method that can be used to make sure that water stays structured for long periods of time is to use a structured water bottle like a VitaJuwel Bottle. A VitaJuwel Structured Water Bottle has water structuring crystals at the bottom of the bottle. In these bottles you can use either already structured water or plain unstructured water from the tap. Leaving it for some time in the bottle it will eventually become structured (or maintain the structure). This type of bottles are also good to be be used as portable structured water units.

    Another example of a structured water bottle that can store or structure water is Flaska. Flaska uses entrainment structured water technology using a form of silica.

    Sunlight can also be used for structuring water and water kept in a clear bottle, or colored bottle like blue, green, red, etc. can be used to store water or even structure it in the sun. Further, according to the Wellness Enterprise, water kept in a glass bottle can stay structured up to 45 days, if other conditions are observed, see below.

    Surroundings Or Environment Where Structured Water Is Stored

    Surroundings or environment also has an effect on the innate qualities of water. Once water is structured and is stored in an area that emits a lot of electro-magnetic field (EMF) e.g. next to computers, electronic gadgets like microwave ovens, etc. Water will loose its structured nature. In the same manner radiation will de-structure water

    Though this may sound a bit ironic, EMF and sunlight can also de-structure water. This is despite that electromagnetic field from a magnet can be used to structure water as well as direct sunlight. It is the manner in which it is done that also matters.

    Sound at certain specific frequencies can also be used to structure water or give it certain qualities that are associated with it being structured. Companies like Somavedic have devices like Somavedic Atlantik and Somavedic Medic Green Ultra to structure water using specific sound frequencies. So when water is stored special containers like water bottles and kept in a place where these devices play and emitting these specific frequencies, water gets entrained with these frequencies and in turn gets structured and stays structured.

    Life Force Energy

    A Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) instrument can be used to measure or determine a shift in Life force energy in water. This life force can be instilled in water like using an orgone energy emitting machine. An example of such a machine is the Spooky2 Rife Machine.


    Impurities in water will impact the structure and the length of water staying structured. However, not all impurities have these effect and impure water may still be structured as with naturally occurring structured water. You can find natural structured water in India Ganges River, the Hunza Valley in Pakistan, Tiacltle in Mexico, Fiji water, etc. These waters are not necessarily pure and need to be “cleaned” before drinking but despite their being impure they still remain structured.

    On the other hand, if structured water is overly impure mostly from chemicals and other substances it will deteriorate in its intrinsic qualities.

    Other Factors That Influence Structured Water

    Straight Traveling Distance

    Clayton Nolte, of Natural Action Technologies, mentions that water traveling in straight lines or pipes for more than 300 feet will loose its structured property. The best way to overcome this problem is to install a water structuring device closer to the destination point of usage (less than 300 ft) or install several units along the pipeline if possible.

    Storage In Dams, Reservoirs, etc

    Water stored in bulk and stagnant in dams, reservoirs, etc. will loose its structured nature including municipal water that is treated with chemicals and goes through processes that do not support the optimal structure of water.

    How To Make Sure You Are Using Structured Water

    Structured water is sensitive and what is sensitive is very diverse and it has been established that adverse and chaotic environments do not support existence of structured water. At the same time structured water will last longer in harmonious and peaceful environment which can be created by simply playing peaceful music especially at specific frequencies.

    Understanding that structured water is vibrantly alive – it is living water! and how it gets structured. Further, as mentioned above, we know that how long water stays structured is dependent on a number of factors so one can come up with solutions of keep water structured for long or decide to use freshly structured water.

    Some of these solutions are;

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