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Does structured water really work?

    Does structured water really work?

    Structured water is not only about drinking water that is crisp, invigorating and energizing, it is also about replacing every other water with structured water. Hence the question does structured water really work! For one to know if something is working or doing what it was said it would do the best place to start is looking at the results. In some cases it is also a good idea to test but normally the results are what would convince you the most.

    In recent years more and more evidence has emerged indicating that indeed structured water works. There is now ample evidence to show that this energized water works as anticipated. It has been proven beyond doubt that when used at individual level, in the home, in agriculture and commercially, people using structured water see results. This has been confirmed by consumers who had purchased structured water products through their testimonials and documentations. Science and researchers have also proven the structured water health benefits on people, animals and plants as well as other areas of life.

    Does Structured Water Work?

    This type of water touches different aspect of life. To do justice to evaluating whether it works or just a structured water hoax, it is best to look at where it is applied or used, science, research and other avenues where it is talked about. Structured water companies have been accused of hyping this concept to make sales and that there is no evidence to back up the theory that it works.

    Structured Water Evidence

    It is not enough to only list the benefits experienced with use of structured water but provide evidence. It is best to point out areas where one can go for further validation.

    Science Behind Structured Water

    A number of studies have been carried out to show the efficacy of structured water. In the studies one can conclude that structured water health benefits on people, animals, plants and its benefits on the environment are unquestionable and significantly visible.

    Structured water: effects on animals
    The focus of this study was on the effects of structured water on animals when it is consumed on a daily basis. The author explains that structured water is liquid water that is given altered H-bonding structure by treatment with various forms of energy including magnetic fields and light. While most of the research had been conducted on ‘magnetized’ water, which keeps the structure for a short duration, recent research has examined the effects of a structured water with stability of at least 3.5 months. A variety of laboratory and farm animals were studied over the past 20 years. Consistent (3 or more studies) responses among animals consuming structured water for 1 month or more include increased rate of growth, reduced markers of oxidative stress, improved glycemic and insulinemic responses in diabetics, improved blood lipid profile, improved semen and spermatozoa quality, and increased tissue conductivity as measured using bioelectrical impedance analysis… continue reading

    Influence of drinking structured water to human psychophysiology
    The aim of the study was to study the impact of the consumption of structured water on the human body in normal environmental conditions during one month.

    From the analysis of experimental data was concluded that structured water consumed 1 liter per day for a month contributes to the reduction of body fat mass, improvement of water-salt metabolism, improvement of kidney excretory function, reduction of endogenous intoxication of the body, increase of adaptive and stress-response and reserve capacity of the body even in adverse seasonal, climatic and epidemiological period. In contrast, in the control group there was a reliable negative dynamics of parameters for most of participants… continue reading

    Study of structured water and its biological effects
    The study of water structuring under the influence of different devices and biological effects of such waters require the development of different methods.

    Statistically significant difference between control and experimental samples were demonstrated on three brands of waters, but no effect on the fourth water brand. For samples of food products: apple, banana, carrot, celery, potato, cheese and sausage statistically significant difference between control and experimental samples was found. Observation of the germination rate of rye and oat seeds showed that the appearance of the first root (seed pecking) occurred 1 day earlier in the experiment than in the control. In the experiment, an average of 81.5% to 57% of seeds grew, while in the control 47.8%. In the experiment there were 63.2% to 54.0% of the right seedlings, while in the control 47.8%. The development of potato roots in the experimental variants was about 2 times higher than the roots in the control variants… continue reading

    Structured Water: An Exciting New Field In Water Science
    It has been reported that water at the interface of a hydrophilic thin film forms an exclusion zone, which has a higher density than ordinary water. The structured water or fourth phase water has a molecular structure that is arranged in a liquid crystal. This structured water appears to have a simulative effect on plant growth. Structured water is being used in agriculture, dairy, poultry, medicine and construction industries with unbelievable benefits. There was both qualitative and quantitative yield improvement. Structured water did not contain energetic toxins, bring forward high oxygenation states, increases energy along with regulates and balances the soil minerals at the same time exhibits anti oxidant properties… continue reading

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