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Portable Structured Water Device

When in search for a portable structured water device, clarity in how you would like to use it is very important. Do you want to travel with it? Like use it at the gym, in a restaurant or when camping. Or are you looking for a portable unit that can be easily moved around and not necessarily a handheld device. Here is a list of some commonly used water structuring units including structured water bottles.

Best Structured Water Device That Is Portable

Your choice of a portable structured water device is dependent on your intended end-use and here is a breakdown of the different types that you can find on the market today.

Handheld Portable Structured Water Devices

A handheld device is ideal to use when you want to have access to structured water wherever you are, especially when eating out, visiting friend or out of town. These devices come in different designs and shapes but all have the easiness of use. You have funnel designs to pen-like or stirring wands.

Product Image Device Name Supplier/Manufacturer Price
the Analemma structure water device Analemma Coherent Water Device New Earth Technologies Ltd Click here for Analemma price.
UMH water structure device UMH Live UMH Click here for UMH portable device price.
one of the best Aqua Energizer structured water devices AQUA ENERGIZER™ Structured Water Portable Device The Wellness Enterprise Click here for potarble Aqua Energizer price.
one of the best water structuring devices by Greenfield Copper Handheld Water Vortexer Greenfield Water Solutions Click here for Greenfield water vortexer price.
NAT best structured water device Natural Action Portable Water Revitalizer Natural Action Technologies Click here for NAT water revitalizer price.

See whole house structured water device for other options.

Structured Water Bottle Choices

A structured water bottle is ideal when jogging or training and you have to be sipping water from time to time. It is not very convenient to use one of the above handheld units every time you want to drink water when training, reading, driving, studying, etc. It is better to lift a water bottle and drink from it.

  • VitaJuwel Water Bottle
  • Emoto Water Bottle
  • Blue Bottle Water
  • Flaska Water Bottle

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To reduce the inconvenience of breaking down your routine to structure water, it might be best to prepare enough structured water to use during the activity you will be busy with.

structured water portable device contain water
And yet again when that happens, there is a question how long structured water last?! Apart from using Analemma water, many researches and manufactures (of mostly handheld devices) advice to use freshly or drink freshly structured water.

This is because with a lot electronics and other disturbances it is likely that the water will not stay in its coherent or structured state for long. Analemma water is said to stay structured for much longer, think years not hours.

However, this might not be a problem when jogging and running outdoors. All the same, if you can have a structured water bottle on the side that might be a good idea.

Structured Water Container Choices

  • VitaJuwel Water Bottle
  • Water Cradle
  • Mayu Swirl – Enhancing Water Carafe
  • VitaJuwel Dispenser Grande
  • VitaJuwel Decanter Era

Structured Water Related Questions

Here are a few of some of the most asked questions about structured water.

Does structured water really work?

There is endless research and adequate scientific evidence that indicates that structured water really does work. Apart from reviews from structured water users, see above tables, the manufacturers themselves have carried out independent researches backed by science to show that structured water works.

How can I get structured water at home?

Some of the best ways to get structured water at home is to have a portable structured water device that yo can use every time and everywhere you use water. Since a portable device has some limitations, you can use a whole house structured water device to have structured in the entire house whether kitchen, bath or tap outside for watering garden. There are other designs for use at home depending on your circumstances.

Is Vortex water structured water?

Vortex water is structured water. When water moves in a vortex motion like in rivers or waterfalls it gets structured naturally. Many manufacturers make products that mimic this natural motion to structure water. Some use only the vortex motion in their designs while some combine the motion with other different ways water can be structured.

And of course there are other products that structure water without using the the vortex method examples including Somavedic devices, Analemma, VitaJuwel bottle, etc.

Can you boil structured water?

Structured water can be boiled to make coffee, tea or used to cook food. UMH in their research demonstrated that boiled structured water slightly looses its crystalline or coherent structure due to temperature. However, in most cases it is not advisable to run hot or boiling water through a structuring water device because it will likely damage it. Rather structure the water first then boil or heat it to use as desired.

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