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Peter Agre – Aquaporin Water Channels Lecture

Aquaporin Water Channels Lecture By Peter Agre

In our article, Structured Water Explained, the presenter in the video Karen Atkins in here explaining what structured water is, she mentioned the discovery of Aquaporin Water Channels by Peter Agre that it corroborates how water de-clustering is the only way water can be absorbed into the cells.

In this video, Peter Agre is giving a lecture on this phenomenon and we present it here to hear about the Aquaporin Water Channels from the horse’s mouth and how its discovery has touched many other aspects of life including malaria.

It is not about structured water and in the video there is no reference to structured in the sense of how important it is in our bodies. However, its significance is to emphasize that indeed our cells have aquaporin water channels that allow one molecule of water at a time. Then from structured water perspective we take it from here that if one drinks structured water, which has its molecules already separated, the body will not have to expend any more energy to break molecule clusters apart.

Well energy would be spent since not all molecules are not H3O2 but it is far less when compared to the amount of energy needed break molecule clusters in ro water, distilled water, ordinary filtered water, etc. These waters are predominantly H2O molecules and H2O molecules tend to cluster up and become too bulky to pass through the Aquaporin Water Channel. Further water around the cell is gel water, H3O2 water.

So actually the body has to spend energy to perform at least two processes as far as drinking tap water, ro water, etc. First it has to break up the H2O clusters then spend more energy converting them to H3O2.

Click here to read the abstract of the lecture.