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Hydrogen Water

Hydrogen water is water enriched with bio-available hydrogen. The hydrogen in the hydrogen water can be in the form of gas or ions.

Understanding Hydrogen Water

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Hello! It’s Clive de Carle here with the Health Revolution and I’m very pleased to welcome MJ Pangman back again. Hello MJ!

Hi! Brilliant. thank you and

I’ve asked you to come on so that you can explain a couple of these new things that you have they sound very exciting perhaps you can tell us all about it.

All right that sounds good. I guess that’s what we’re here for. We added a couple of hydrogen products to enrich water with hydrogen in the last little while and I guess that’s what this interview is about. Talking about enriching water with hydrogen and some of the different ways to do it. So should we just jump in.

Yes, please. Jump in into the hydrogen water it should be nice and warm at this time of year.

Yes it could be. Hydrogen!

Hydrogen rich water is a fascinating subject that’s kind of like the next level after you learn to structure your water then you really do want to learn to enrich your water with all kinds of different energetic enhancements.

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Enriching the water with hydrogen is just very very powerful. When we wrote the first edition of dancing with water, by the way and we’re working on the second edition. As we were doing the research for the first edition that the research was just starting to come out on the power of hydrogen.

Everybody has talked about putting oxygen back in the water but actually enriching the water with hydrogen is a much bigger deal and the medical community has jumped all over this. Within the last 10 years there have just been hundreds literally of articles that have been published on the therapeutic value of enriching the environment, whether it’s the breathing environment or the the water with hydrogen. So there there’s lots of evidence to support what we’re doing here as far as therapeutic benefits.

Hydrogen has antioxidant benefits which of course then are anti-inflammatory benefits. There have been some interesting research pieces published even in the military about the radio protective effects of a hydrogen rich environment. Lots of studies that corroborate the early work that Dr. Saint George did with comprehending that the organs in the body under normal circumstances will pool hydrogen so they’ve always got a pool of hydrogen to work from. The liver is one of those organs that uses lots of hydrogen because it’s involved in the detox process.

So our natural environment, the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink is all been depleted of hydrogen. So putting that back into our environment any way that we can is going to produce some very significant benefits. Um you know something that I didn’t mention right up front about benefits are the benefits to the brain, to the neurological system, a lot of people are noticing even just with taking these products or using these products with the water some cognitive benefits; better focus.

And of course hydrogen is involved in the whole metabolic process of producing energy. So athletes are using hydrogen rich water and hydrogen enriched environments to support their performance. So the benefits are all over the place and it’s just a fun thing to to begin to look at.

How To Make Hydrogen Water

When we started our research, let me just kind of go back here, the whole hydrogen thing began when Dr. Hidemitsu Hayashi who did some of the first work with water ionizers in Japan, noticed that really the benefits of ionized water were the hydrogen’s. And so eventually he backed away from the ionization concept because he realized that wasn’t necessarily the best way to add therapy or therapeutic benefits and created the first hydrogen stick.

Hydrogen Stick

And that was based on the fact that magnesium when it’s placed in water will release hydrogen, grabbing hydrogen from the water ionizing the water to a certain extent very gently and creating hydrogen rich water. So he was the first, giving us some clues about backing away from ionized water and yet using the benefits of that water in hydrogen rich solution.

So he created the first hydrogen stick which is one of the things we talked about in dancing with water, putting a magnesium stick in that he created that would release hydrogen into the water and then when you cap a bottle you are kind of forcing the hydrogen into the into the water and allowing a very saturated solution to develop so that you’re drinking a very rich therapeutic level of hydrogen.

So he was the first back then but since that time people have gotten very creative and developed some other ways to create hydrogen rich water. And that’s why we are featuring a couple of new products that we’ve discovered and then working with the last six months.

So we actually have three different products on the website that will enrich the water easily with hydrogen for consumption. And they’re all different. They work in different ways and you know if you want we’ll talk about what makes them different and how they might be different in their use for different applications.

Patrick Flanagan’s Crystal Energy

I’d be very excited to hear the differences and whether one can take if it has a benefit from taking one, two or three.

Okay yeah well let’s let’s talk about that. The three products that we have ended up with on the website are Patrick Flanagan’s crystal energy. That is a unique product that was developed by Patrick Flanagan many years ago actually before Dr. Hayashi was was creating his magnesium stick. Patrick Flanagan discovered that he could create a silica hydride matrix that would grab hydrogen particularly the negative hydrogen ion.

And let’s kind of back away it and say first of all that hydrogen is available in a lot of forms. The body can use all the forms. H2 is the molecular hydrogen, the positive hydrogen ion is just a simple proton, the negative hydrogen ion they’re both antioxidants. All three of them are antioxidants and then you get into things like Hydronium 2 which is an extra hydrogen proton added to the water molecule. All those forms of hydrogen can be utilized by the body. The body knows exactly what to do to grab whatever form it’s interested in and take whatever it needs. So any of those forms are good in the water or in the environment and the body will take them as it needs to.

So crystal energy, Patrick Flanagan’s product is a liquid. And it’s intended to be just dropped into water. It creates a silica hydride matrix which grabs hydrogen particularly the negative hydrogen ions which is what Patrick’s work was all about. So it’s grabbing more of the negative hydrogen ions from the air and from the water. So what Melanie and I kind of discovered was that you didn’t necessarily have to use the big amount that is recommended on the product but that after you’ve created that matrix that grabs hydrogen it will continue to grab hydrogen for a long time.

And if you let the water mature overnight you put that matrix that’s created in the water continues to grab hydrogen and it continues to be infused in the cages the silica hydride cages that the product creates in the water. So you don’t need very much. If you have the time and are willing to take the time to let the water mature. So crystal energy is a liquid, several drops in you know a glass or up to a half a gallon of water and matured then consumed as as one form of drinking hydrogen rich water.

We’ve noticed, Melanie and I, that it takes a little bit of the body’s energy to get that hydrogen because it’s in a silica hydride matrix. So it takes a little more work from the body to grab that hydrogen and be able to use it okay. So that’s the first product.


Another product I’m just gonna hold up here is called ActivreH2. This is a reformulation of a product that we talked about at and the reformulation we’re very excited about because it’s a little more balanced product. It’s made of magnesium mannitol which is an oh- radical scavenger to get rid of oxygen radicals from the water and organic acids, which really balance this product keeping it not quite so alkaline because we would like to have a water that’s close to neutral and ph when we’re done.

ActiveH2 works it’s a little tablet, it’s an effervescent. And you get yourself a nice bottle that has a sealed top those swing top models are really nice that they will kind of clamp down put one of these tablets in your bottle let it effervesce for 15 or 20 minutes then the product is mostly magnesium and once again is releasing hydrogen into the water under pressure it’s a supersaturated solution more than you can get you know from the the crystal energy and it’s available to drink right away. On an empty stomach is perfect.

And you get a real punch of hydrogen because we recommend you’d drink that right away while it’s fresh as soon as you open the lid. You’re gonna release some hydrogen but a lot of it has been forced into into the matrix of the water so the ActivreH2 is grabbing hydrogen from the water created via the process of the interaction of water and magnesium which is is releasing the hydrogen. So that is another great way to get a hydrogen rich solution.


The next product that we just recently added is called PrimoH2 and it’s entirely different. This product is a capsule and it’s not really meant to be put in water because you put it in the watery environment in your body and it works with the stomach’s acids, hydrochloric acid, to release the hydrogen and and it’s right there available immediately in your body. So that product works actually by grabbing hydrogen from hydrochloric acid.

And the more hydrochloric acid you have in your system the more the product will release hydrogen and make it immediately available in your body. So really younger people may benefit from this more because they have a more acidic stomach. Which is one reason we actually recommend that the PrimoH2 be taken, actually both of these two products, be taken with magnesium bicarbonate water which enriches the hydrochloric acid environment in your body creates hydrogen itself and really balances the system with taking these.

So these are both nice either to be made in magnesium bicarbonate water or to be taken with magnesium.

How do you make magnesium bicarbonate water?

You know that may be a subject that’s a little bit lengthy for this particular discussion but we do have an article with a recipe. Because it’s a little bit involved but magnesium bicarbonate water though you’re familiar with Clive I know is based on the work of a Dr. Beckett from Australia and very well supported by the work of Dr. Mark Sircus so they’re both proponents of this particular type of water. It’s extremely beneficial drinking because you’re supporting the bicarbonate buffering system in the body.

You’re adding magnesium in a bio-available form. You are creating additional hydrogen. You’re balancing the digestive tract. You’re supporting all the pH mechanisms in your body all the way around it’s just a very very supportive water. So we would highly recommend people read the article and there’s a recipe there.

There’s lots of recipes on the internet but we, Melanie and i, have actually we think taken this to another level and told people how to create magnesium bicarbonate water that one of the health clinics here who helps us test these kinds of things said was magnesium bicarbonate on hyperdrive. You need a lot less drinking it to have the same effect that takes a little bit longer it’s a little bit more involved which is why you know this setting may not be the best setting to go into it but it’s a great thing an I think you understand and I know you do.

And when going back a stage when you put the tablet into the bottle and leave it if you opened it and lit a match with the hydrogen explode.

But you know there’s the hydrogen it’s there that’s concentrated and of course it’s being released into the air at the same time you’re forcing it into the water but I’ve never never been daring enough to light a match. I don’t know how concentrated it is quite honestly Clive. Certainly that’s a reaction that you know with hydrogen and oxygen, oxygen burns hydrogen.

And so would you use all three, would you choose what would how would you how would you use these.

You know what since since we came across these latest two products that we’re talking about Melanie and I have really had fun using both of them because they’re both different and they both interact with the body in good ways but in slightly different ways. Um the the ActiveH2 is absorbed really rapidly in the intestines it would appear from our intuitive looks at this. It ends up in the intestines very rapidly so anybody with intestinal difficulties is going to have some healing and regenerative effects there.

The PrimoH2 is a little more gentle in our experience so it’s not quite as strong and heart of a hip it’s more of a slower release. Both of these are better on an empty stomach so you really do need to sort of work a routine out where you can take these and not be having anything in your stomach for a while to allow the absorption of the hydrogen and of course for the PrimoH2 weights too you want an empty stomach so that you can so that your gastric acids can really work with this product and release slow.

So I will say that you know one of the things Melanie and I are doing with PrimoH2 is taking it at night which is an interesting thought you’ve got an empty stomach going to bed most people. You can take it with a glass of magnesium bicarbonate water which is better on an empty stomach too and then you go into your restful time which is a wonderful time to use hydrogen for the regenerative benefits that that it has. So you know we both found ourselves taking this at night and then sometimes first thing in the morning.

I like to have a glass of this later in the afternoon. Sometimes that will help an afternoon fatigue or an afternoon brain fog, a lot of people are noticing that kind of thing. So we like both. The the PrimoH2 looks to be very supportive for the organs especially the liver and the kidneys so depending on where people are at and what they’re looking for this is great for athletes, the ActivreH2 because they can drink this water before and during the workout.

here have been some interesting research done off with endurance athletes showing that you know drinking hydrogen rich water during the workout is very beneficial for reducing muscle fatigue and helping with recovery time.

And what most people notice the difference?

You know if that’s such a hard question because it depends on your health. It depends on how well you pay attention to your body often the athletes are some some of those that notice benefits more rapidly because they are working their bodies so strenuously. They can notice better than some but then you know depending on how in touch you are with your body and what kind of health issues you have.

It always surprises me when people get back with us you know using some of the products just the products that structure the water on the website and say their whole life changes as soon as they start to drink you know this water. Their you know their digestive system works better, their bowel function is better, their mental clarity is better, they have more energy.

So this is like the next level after that. Energy is probably the thing that most people are going to notice but that’s so dependent individual by individual. And I don’t notice the the differences as much as Melanie does, she’s you know we’re all so different. She’s a little more sensitive.

So presumably this is going to have an effect on longevity if you took it regularly what do you think isn’t it yes

Yes as is drinking water you know if you if you’re not hydrated and think about the interesting connection here we make this connection in the book but you know it’s called hydration. Hydration is the body’s called for hydrogen in water and they go hand-in-hand so think about the unique relationship between oxygen which we cannot live without hydrogen and the combined oxygen hydrogen in water. That’s the foundation of health. Period.

So longevity you’ve got to notice you’ve got to have some benefits whether or not they’re noticeable. And it’s an over the time kind of thing you know at the end of the end of your life who knows what drinking good water and adding hydrogen through your water may have you know done for you it may be subtle like some of the differences people notice in drinking water but it’s definitely the foundation of your health.

Yes I think it is it’s interesting how so many of the elements that are really good for us like hydrogen, like magnesium, like sodium, potassium all of them are highly explosive when when you mix them with water, wipe off hydrogen, but they’re all highly explosive

Well that’s about energy isn’t it? They’re just packed with energy and that’s an interesting way to look at that whole scenario, good observation there! Positive energy.

Brilliant and if you are going to recommend something to store the water in would you go for one of those sort of amphora type things so you’ve got the circulation and and on your website which which one would you choose?

Well Clive we know that water is best in either glass or ceramic. And water is happiest in those circumstances so either one is good, shape is important because as you say shape keeps energy moving and the combination that we put together in our water cradle if we’re you know if we can go there is really unique because we have the shape of the egg which keeps water energized, we have ceramic particularly laminar crystal ceramic which has its own benefits.

Ceramic allows water to breathe even better than glass so you’ve got this this exchange with the environment that water loves, you’ve got to connect with the earth resonance through the surface and ceramics, you’ve got the shape and then you can add other energetic benefits which we do with the water cradle combination that we have with you know energizing with tensor rings, we’ve got the shungite sphere that sits on the top with all of the benefits that go along with that.

And their articles so that people could understand why all of these things would help the environment of a maturing water or storing water environment. So you know ceramic is best glass right up there we created the water cradle very specifically with very specific intention in mind.

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