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Hydration Tips

Hydration is the “process of causing something to absorb water or the process of combining a substance chemically with water molecules”. This is according to Lexico online dictionary. Both are applicable human body, animal life and plant life hydration. There is both mixing or absorption at physical level and also combination due to chemical processes since water molecules breakdown due to this chemical reactions.

What Is Hydration?

We are going to be looking at hydration with primary focus on human body though hydration is equally important in all life. Our context will be around how the human interacts with water from any source for hydration. So we are going to twist the meaning a bit to be in context with the points we want to highlight.


A Better Way To Hydrate

Hydration is a measure of how much water we have in our body such that a conclusion can be drawn among proper hydration, under-hydration or over-hydration. At the same time level of hydration is a feel, a feeling inherent in our being to tell if we need to take water or not. A question may be posed – “How hydrated are you?” or “Do you feel well hydrated?”

The level of hydration in our body is expressed in total body water (TBW) in volume. Total Body Water can be expressed as a percentage of all water in our body to our body weight and this percentage differs with gender, age, weight and height.

It can also be estimated based on the ideal body weight and correction factor. The correction factor also known as a coefficient is made up of consideration of the expected percentage of weight made up of free water in the body. See copper water bottle to learn how to hydrate better.

It is complex to an untrained person and it is much easier to use TBW calculators or Body Composition Monitors. These are all handy especially if you want to keep a check on how much water you take or monitoring your body weight.

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Optimal Hydration


Hydration is not only about drinking water and the old adage that “drink 8 glasses of water a day” should be thrown out of the window. Yes, water is the hydrating agent but it does not come from drinking alone in order to be properly hydrated.

Optimal hydration is a combination of drinking water, eating and making particular simple body movements… to find out more about how to hydrate properly to beat fatigue, lose weight and heal your body learn it here – Live Hydration Coaching with Gina Bria

8 glasses a day does not hold water because it is a one size fits all and ignoring a whole lot of other factors that influence water intake and water demand in the body.


Do you know what your TBW is to understand how much water intake you need on daily basis? Use this TBW Calculator.


Do you know how much water intake you need on a daily basis? Use this Water Intake Calculator. Forget 8 glasses aday!


Knowing how much water you need per day use tools to help you monitor and keep track of your hydration journey.

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Do You Know how much water you should be drinking everyday? Translate that to the number of bottles of bottled water you have to buy? How much are you spending on bottled water? What if you were using tap water? What would be the cost drop?

That is how much you can save in the long run if you drink tap water… but we know how tap water is… add a structured water system and say bye bye to bottled water.

Tap Water Calculator

What Is Total Body Water

Total Body Water, abbreviated TBW, is a measure of water stored or residing in your organs, tissue, and other body parts. And it resides in both at intracellular fluid (ICF), the fluid within cells and extracellular fluid (ECF), the fluid outside the cells.

What Is Your Total Body Water

Below is a Total Body Water Calculator that can estimate the amount of water you should have, in liters (L), and as a percentage of your body weight.

Total Body Water Calculator

Should You Be Concerned About Your Total Body Water

Yes you should be concerned about your Total Body Water (TBW) in order to stay adequately hydrated. The adage that you should drink 8 glasses of water a day does not hold water. There is more to being properly hydrated than keeping up with 8 glasses a day.

Knowing TBW on its own is not enough to really know how much water intake you need on daily basis, but it is a good start. TBW is measured in liters and can also be expressed as a percentage of your body weight.

So in your steps to knowing how much water to take everyday you need to know your TBW. Here is a simple calculator that will calculate your TBW for you. You simply need to be ready with your age, height, weight and sex.


How Does The Total Body Water Calculator Work

This total body water calculator uses your age, height, weight, and sex to estimate the volume of water in your body. It is based on a formula developed by Dr. P.E. Watson and his team and described in 1980 in the article Total body water volumes for adult males and females estimated from simple anthropometric measurements.

Now that you know what your estimated Total Body Water is, the next question is how much water do I need to drink daily to maintain this ratio or volume. The next step is to use a Water Intake calculator. This hydration calculator only gives a very rough estimate of how much water to intake based on gender, age as in adult or kid, and for females it asks further questions.

So it is rough because it will give the same amount of water for any adult despite their exact age, height and weight. So it is good for a start especially for someone who has no idea how much water to drink per day.

Click here to go to Water Intake Hydration Calculator

Hydration Calculator

Do you know your daily water intake? Use the Water Intake Hydration Calculator below to estimate how much you have take into your body on daily basis…

Water Intake Calculator

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