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How To Super Hydrate Your Body

Do you want to know how to super hydrate your body? It is all about the quality of water you drink.

AQUA ENERGIZER™ Structured Water Devices

Evidence is becoming readily available that shows that one of the best ways to super hydrate your body is to drink structured water. Here is why;

  • ✓ hydrates faster & for longer
  • ✓ boosts immunity
  • ✓ reduces signs of aging
  • ✓ promotes cell repair
  • ✓ energizes the body more
  • ✓ Plus more…

What To Drink To Get Hydrated Fast

To get hydrated fast drink structured water. Structured water is ordinary water turned extra-ordinary because its molecular structure has been transformed to the intrinsic natural state of water. It is different from and better than bottled water or filtered water. There is scientific evidence and studies that show that structured water has the same structure as water found inside our body cells.

What Is Structured Water And Why Does It Hydrate Fast

Structured water is super hydrating unlike tap or ordinary water
structured water super hydration – Part of the reason we drink water is for hydration and the level of hydration depends on the water we drink.

The water inside our cells has been found to be H3O2 as opposed to H2O. It is called EZ water (H3O2 water), a term coined by the founding scientist, Dr. Gerald Pollack at the Pollack Lab at the University of Washington.

The study went on to reveal that as we drink (ordinary) water the body has to process it from H2O structure to H3O2. And that takes a lot of energy.

When water is has attained H3O2 molecular structure it is able to perform its duties like transform nutrients, release oxygen, hydrate, etc. The body also becomes more effective in performing its duties.

When water is structured it gets absorbed faster and effectively by the body. Not only only that, it also tends to make the body more effective in all its functions.

How To Make Structured Water To Super Hydrate Your Body

There are several ways to make structured water and one of the easiest and effective ways is to use a structured water device like Aqua Energizer. Aqua Energizers are the next generation of structured water devices and first to be certified to produce structured water by HyFo Lab, LLC based on training and inspiration from Dr. Gerald Pollack at the Pollack Lab at the University of Washington.

These devices come in different designs including a portable device suitable for personal use. With this device you can make structured water whenever and wherever there is tap water. You can structure water at the restaurant, gym, one the go, etc.

How To Rehydrate Fast At Home

if you want to be rehydrate easily at home you can also use a whole house unit, an under sink unit or shower unit. They all have their advantages and choice of one over the other is dependent on a number of factors.

The Aqua Energizer whole house structured water unit is suitable in situations where you own the property or it is permissible to install the device. Where it is not possible an under sink device might be the next option especially when you already have a kitchen sink water filter system. Where a whole house unit is not possible to use, it will be best to also get a shower unit.

How To Stay Hydrated

Every minute we lose water from our bodies whether awake or asleep. It can be subtly from breathing, sweating or aggressively from urination, vomiting, when sick, profuse sweating, etc. It is therefore very important to find a way to stay hydrated all the time so that you may enjoy the benefits staying hydrated. Do not lose more water than you drink or take in.

Structured water is super hydrating unlike tap or ordinary water

However, drinking more water is not the answer to staying hydrated. In fact, it might be an unwise practice to drink lots of water with the intention to stay hydrated. Drink 8 liters a day adage is old school. It is not necessarily about how much water to drink but its quality.

If you are wondering how to stay hydrated without having to pee all the time it might be because of the quality of water you drink and the 8 liters a day mantra. Though peeing is part and parcel of intake of water (or any beverage) it can decrease significantly when you start drinking structured water. Part of the reason one will pee less is that you will drink less yet super hydrating water. And the water will actually get absorbed, pee less and not wash away your salts due to excessive peeing.

The best way to super hydrate your body and stay hydrated is drinking and using structured water. And of course there are certain that you need to know about proper hydration of your body but the bottom line is you have to drink water.

So it is the quality of water that will improve your hydration levels all other things will augment this. As an example as you will hear in the video below you can infuse your water with fruits, tea, etc. Or it is also a known fact that you also get water from raw foods and fruits.

However, despite all these things you also need to drink water and drinking or doing above is not the only available ways to be hydrated. Bathing or shower or swimming will also hydrate you and the better the quality of water the better the hydration is.

The best water that will you ultimate hydration is structured water and there are water structuring devices that you can install or have around the house to make sure you always have structured water around. Watch the following video that shares what you need to do in order to be super hydrated.

7 Ways to Be Super Hydrated

Try Aqua Energizer Structured Water

Try Aqua Energizer Strutured Water

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“So we’re doing our top 7 raw thoughts on hydrating the body properly. All right

7. Aches and pains in the body can be simply dehydration you know if your your back hurts a little, your neck or your shoulder hurts a little but it may just be that you’re dehydrated so drink more water.

6. Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning. We lose water I think it’s like a quarter cup or have a couple probably quarter cup of water every night when we sleep so getting out first thing in the morning having some water. Some say it’s good to have warm water to help the bowels flow first thing in the morning but either way have yourself a glass of water first thing in the morning. Start the day off right.

5. Know how much water to drink. So how much? Well everybody’s different a good rule of thumb can be take your body weight divided by 2 and that amount in ounces is the amount of water that you should be drinking at least every day. And of course the right kind of water which we’re going to be talking much more about with Clayton Nolte in the next segment certainly. If you eat a lot of raw foods you need to drink less water because there’s so much water in the food that you’re that you’re eating.

4. Structure your drinking water by shaking is stirring now I hesitated to put this one in because we have Clayton water expert here so and we haven’t introduced him yet. So a real quick yes or no answer? And we’re going to talk so much more about structuring water in the third segment of the show but what I learned from you about creating vortexes and water does it help to structure the water. If you were to just stir it like this yeah good or if you were to take a bottle of water like this and just shake it helps to structure it oh really like that Clayton all the friends.

3. Water has memory so give it love that’s right water has memory give it love to say I love you thank you and see what happens.

2. Water is the best beverage I people tell me I don’t like water I don’t like the taste water well structure it first and that certainly helps but also just fall in love with water as your favorite beverage once you start drinking more water water is all you’re going to want to drink and certainly you can do fruit infusions or herb infusions or flower infusions or gem elixirs. I tell you how to make gem elixirs in my book that you can have for free if you email me so you know that’s just like putting I put hibiscus flowers and my water jug sometimes and it just it’s pretty and certainly with with fruit or herbs it helps to flavor the water so changes the surface tension of the water but we won’t get into all that.

1. Your body needs water to stay youthful so remember that I mean they say we’re like seventy to ninety percent water meaning when we’re born we’re like ninety percent water maybe more maybe ninety-eight percent water maybe even and as we age we can go down to seventy percent water or less so it’s really important that we stay hydrated to stay youthful so drink that one up.”

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