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How To Boost Life Force Energy

As human beings and other living things like animals and plants, we continuously loose and gain life force energy. As such we need to know how to boost life force energy continuously as well. By boosting, we mean taking steps to do activities that help add more energy to the body. It is worth explaining that this is not about energy as we know it, in terms of becoming more active or having the energy to lift something heavy. This is about subtle energies that make our bodies tick, that give us life.

Top 3 Ways To Boost Your Life Force Energy

Here are some of the top 3 ways to boost your life force energy. If you are not already, incorporate all or at least one of the following to augment what you are already doing.

Use & Drink Structured Water

Structured water has more vitality aka life force energy than ordinary tap water. Using and drinking structured water will boost vitality inside you in addition to many more benefits it comes with. There are structured water devices designed to turn tap water into structured water. Some of the best ones are Aqua Energizer devices.

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Harmonize Your Environment

When you harmonize your environment, you are not only making the environment and your body receptive but at the same time blocking harmful EMF. Technology is good yet at the same time not so good because it can interfere with our well-being. This interference should be blocked and some of the best tools to use are the Cosmic Tower and EMF Protection Devices.

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Employ Energetic Encoding Technology

Technology has advanced to the extent that meditation states of high consciousness can be invoked by use of technology. Deep focus, brain enhancement, brain-heart coherence, relaxation, quantum nutrition, peak performance states, etc. all these can be experienced or invoked with use of modern technology called energetic encoding.

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When you to boost your life force energy, there must already be something that you are already doing to access it. As an example when you boost your Wi-Fi signal it means you already have a way to access it. You boost it because it is not strong enough or does not reach certain areas of your house so it needs to be a bit stronger by boosting it.

boosting universal life force to enjoy life to the full

So you purchase boosting equipment to augment the one that already existing this manner, it means there are already practices or measures in place that you are already using or accessing and all you need is to increase the strength or effectiveness. Some of the best ways to access life force energy is through Meditation, Yoga, Qi gong, etc.

With that being said, it does not necessarily mean that meditation, yoga, qi gong, etc. are a prerequisite to using any of the above recommendations. One can use them right away without any prior knowledge or experience with meditation or any other practices.

For anyone already doing Yoga, Qi gong, meditating, etc. using and drinking structured water would be an added advantage since its effects and benefits augment those that come with these practices. The same with using a harmonizing device or using digital technology. These will enhance the effects expected.

Boost Your Life Force Energy With Vadiance Water

Another innovative form of structured water is Vadiance Water and it can be treated as a life force supplement. Watch the following video to learn more.

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Boosting Your Life Force Energy

There are different ways and activities that one can do to boost life force energy in the body. Some are obvious and probably taken for granted, some seem sacred or esoteric and often associated with spirituality or religious beliefs. How To Access Universal Life Force Energy

As an example drinking water is normal and every day thing. It is very likely that one might not see drinking water as a way to boost life force energy, yet it is. Here is a little caviar, it depends on the type and quality of water!

Another example is practicing meditation, Yoga or Qi gong. These are ancient traditions that are still practiced today to boost life force energy. To some these are esoteric and spiritually inclined. However, with more appreciation of these practices gone are the days when they were viewed as spiritual or religious inclined.

Perhaps it best to define life force energy meaning for more clarity and to distinguish it from normal day energy that we are used to talking about. As mentioned earlier the normal day to day energy we talk about goes something like eating a candy bar, drinking an energy drink or preparing something to it for more energy. This energy may be needed to do something manual, or to reduce tiredness, etc.

What does life force energy mean?

Life force energy is something different. However, having enough of it can take care of some of the issues that need to be compensated for by drinking an energy drink, eating sweet candy, etc. A person (and living things) have an aura or auric field. This auric field is called biological field, or biofield, in human beings. It is a cloud or field caused by subtle electro-magnetic radiations from inside the body. Our bodies produce or have these subtle energies that create this auric field.

This is in the same manner a magnet has magnetic field around it. These subtle energies are what each and every cell in the body have. Cells in the body are like minute batteries with electricity. These minute batteries need to be recharged from time to time in order to carry out bodily functions like breathing, metabolism, blood circulation and way beyond that.

Benefits Of Life Force Energy

All subtle energies constitute life force energy we are talking about. When the body or a person has enough of this energy their life thrives to epic proportions. When the body or person lacks in this energy, they tend to have above normal challenges in life. These could take the form of sickness (or challenged immune system making one prone to disease attacks), bad relationships, financial difficulties, etc.

That is not to say life should not or will not have challenges. It does, but if the life force energy is low the challenges tend to be on the heavy side and at times from every different corner of life. It is normal and common practice for man to try to avoid challenges and instead look for peace and calmness in life.

Ancient traditions sought this peace meditation, Yoga, Qi gong and more. And where healing was required there were and still are practices like Reflexology, Acupuncture, Ayurveda, Reiki, etc. All of these, to some extent have now been modernized and science has come up with innovations so that results are almost effortless and much quicker.

The benefits of life force energy are that important that we see these practices and technology based innovations. That is how important this type of energy is and worth pursuing by any means possible. It touches every aspect of our wellness including but not limited to physical health, mental health, emotional health and spiritual health.

Life Force Energy Manipulation

These ancient practices and modern innovation all try to manipulate life force energy to be drawn into us for boosting. This is not about life force energy superpower or something magic but about correcting and handling of every day to day living. Is not uncommon to seek peace, calmness, harmony, love, etc. in your life. It is not uncommon to want to be successful at something even if it does not mean sterling results. It is not uncommon to want to concentrate or focus in order to do something to the best of your ability.

All these have something to do with the state of your life force energy. If you could know how to boost life force energy, some of the things you seek or desire will be effortless or a journey to enjoy all the way. This energy is the cornerstone of everything about life. Here are some of the ways it can be boosted.

Top Ways To Boost Life Force Energy

These are some of the best ways one can use to boost their life energy on a daily basis. Ideally, it is best to combine several methods for better results. If combining is not possible straight away incremental approach is the next best thing to do. That is start with one thing at a time and monitor results.

Drink And Use Structured Water

Drink and use water with high vitality. This type of water was readily available in old days before modernization. Ironically it was every day ordinary water and easily accessible. This was spring water, rain water or water freshly fetched in the rivers. Back then this water was safe to drink and use. Now it is not possible to use it let alone have access to it as easily as before. For one water in the rivers, springs is polluted and contaminated. To some extent even rain water in some places.

These pollution and contamination was solved by producing tap water. However, this solution created a different problem. It drew out vitality in the water. Vitality can be measured in Bovis units (BU)and tap water is found to be 1000 to 3000 BU while natural spring water or rain water have BU mostly above 8000. This is a significant drop.

A healthy person has 6,500 to 8000 BU and sometimes 6,500 BU is set to be a neutral such that anything that is less than 6,500 BU is not healthy for human consumption because it is not life giving. That is it will reduce one’s life force energy or vitality.

However, all is not lost because there are devices or methods that can be used to revive water to raise vitality above 6,500 BU. On example of such devices is a structured water device. One of the best devices to use is an Aqua Energizer water structuring unit. There are different kinds ranging from portable, under sink, shower, garden, whole house, industrial, etc. These devices raise the vitality of tap water from as low as 1,000 BU to between 35,000 and 95,227 BU.

Aqua Energizer structured water can be used to drink and around the house including cooking, swimming, gardening, etc. Purchasing a whole house structured water unit would be a great place to start. There are many benefits to using structured water including boosting one’s vitality. Click here to learn more about Aqua Energizer Structured Water Units.

Harmonize The Air Around You

In the modern world of technology and industrialization, negative subtle energies are rife and interfere with our subtle energy bodies. They are pathogenic and harmful to us. Just like positive subtle energies that we tend to breathe or draw in naturally, this pathogenic energies share the same space and are equally drawn into our bodies.

In other words, our air or atmosphere surrounding us i.e. in the room, in the home, in the office, etc. is unclean with these pathogenic energy or EMF, electro-magnetic frequencies. it is important to clean our atmosphere of these unclean energies and at the same time encourage more positive energies.

In the olden days, when there was no so much technology and industrialization (or none at all) practicing Yoga, meditation, etc. was enough to do to boost life force energy. It is still doable but a lot safer if done in an environment with no pollution. That can be achieved with the use of a device called Cosmic Tower.

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