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Copper Water Bottle

Do you love drinking water but hate the plastic bottle? If so, you’re in luck! Thanks to copper water bottles, you can ditch the plastic and enjoy fresh, healthy water all without the harmful toxins that come with it. Using refillable copper water bottle is a great way to reduce your environmental impact and improve your health at the same time.

Ayurvedic Copper Water Bottle

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A copper water bottle is a great choice for drinking water and keep hydrated for better health and other benefits. You can take the quality of your water to yet another level with a portable water structuring device that you can use with your favorite reusable copper water bottle. Enjoy the benefits of ayurvedic copper water bottle even more with structured water. Click here to find out more about this structured water unit.

Best Copper Water Bottles

Here is a select list of some the top rated reusable copper water bottles that users had a pleasant experience with;

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30oz Ayurvedic Berigora Pure Copper Water Bottle
Throughout the day, sip from your Berigora copper water bottle to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Drinking dopper water bottles are better for you and our lovely planet because plastic bottles are not only bad for our health but also for the environment. From the bottle’s contours to the way it feels in your hands to the gift-ready packaging has been carefully thought out.

The drinking water bottle has a sleek, contemporary appearance with the branding on package and top of the cap. It effectively prevents leaks and keeps the water where it belongs. Drinking water from a copper water bottle raises life force energy and vibrations and even better when used in conjunction with self-healing strategies like food, self-love/love for everyone, heart-pumping exercises, and happy thoughts.

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34 oz Smooth Kosdeg Copper Water Bottle
Drinking a gallon of water every day can be more than just a chore for many of us. We both know what we’re going to reach for when you open the fridge and a chilled drink is staring you in the face. No longer. The most satisfying thing you’ll drink all day will be the cooled water from this copper water bottle. It transforms bland, flavorless water into pure delight! Say goodbye to that awful, bloated, gassy feeling from your life!

Drinking water is monotonous. You down a bottle of water, only to discover that it doesn’t satisfy you as well as your preferred juice and soda. Although it’s challenging, sugar has been linked to practically all of the world’s worst diseases.

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Otiem Hammered Ayurvedic 100% Pure Copper Water Bottle
Using a 32oz copper water bottle will ensure that your water stays cool, flavorful, and refreshing throughout the day. Drinking adequate water during the day has several scientifically established advantages. You won’t even miss the taste of drinks that cause you to gain weight because your water will taste so nice!

This copper water bottle was created with your busy lifestyle in mind. Bring it with you with confidence to your yoga, pilates, spin, class, job, or the gym. Your water will always stay where it belongs with a new and enhanced leak resistant water tight screw top cover, even when the bottle is turned upside down! Additionally, cleaning an Otiem is quick and easy. Simply rinse it with lemon or vinegar water, or use a bottle brush and mild soap then air dry.

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Copper Water Bottle Benefits

Metal water bottles are generally better to use than glass or plastic ones for various reasons. Copper is the most preferred metal to a stainless steel water bottle and aluminum water bottle. This is because copper has oligodynamic effect and has been used for thousands of years to purify water. The oligodynamic effect kills harmful microbes, fungi, and bacteria in the water.

Traditional Ayurvedic water storage is done in copper pots because copper is thought to be very vital in maintaining the balance of the doshas.

The Ayurvedic tradition also recognized copper’s therapeutic qualities. One of the first examples of adding trace minerals to the human diet is copper. Numerous Ayurvedic practices have been backed by contemporary scientific study, which also demonstrates copper’s potential importance in promoting collagen synthesis, immune system stimulation, cardiovascular health, and neuronal transmission.

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