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NAT Blue Portable Structured Water Device, the compact 4th phase water unit pointing down on the smaller spout

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What Is The Compact 4th Phase Water Unit?

NAT Blue Portable Structured Water Device from Natural Action – compact ez water unit is the most convenient means to structured water in the house as well as on the move. Delight in the benefits of an energy mixture of Structured Water when you’re out as well as about; whether in-town, at a neighborhood restaurant, or when traveling taking a trip. Additionally the compact 4th phase water unit, great for home living, where a entire house product is not feasible.

The compact 4th phase water unit is 7.5 inches in size and its weight is 10 oz making it very easy to bring around or store safely. It has no moving parts and no filters to change.

How To Use The Compact 4th Phase Water Unit?

Simply put water with the top (large end) of the traveling energized water unit as well as point the tiny spout right into any container to obtain structured water health and wellness benefits.

What Is The Composition The NAT Compact 4th Phase Water Unit

It is constructed from HDPE (high thickness polyethylene) food quality. As well as the exterior of NAT devices is made from food grade ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene). The handheld 4th phase water unit can be rinsed with water if used with various other liquids. It is simple to tidy and dishwasher safe. It can be stored standing up or on its side. It might not be left in direct sunlight direct exposure for extended periods of time.

What Is Gel Water

Structured water, usually described as gel water, is the type of water discovered in nature in fruits and vegetables, springtimes, hill streams, as well as rain is structured water. It is additionally the water located in the cells of living things, consisting of people. New physics and also wave particle knowledge shows us that when water movess and rotates, it re-organizes and re-structures to produce an electrical charge.

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Clayton Nolte structured water units help with the move and spins on water, thus re-organizing and re-structuring it to develop an electric charge. Once this change happens, water is much better described as structured water.

Structured water, describes what water carries out in movement, over area and time. Structuring water allows electric charge to start cascading or jumping from one molecule to another, producing even more charge, even more energy. This spin and also structure turns water particles right into little batteries.

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