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Benefits of Structured Water

Structured water is not sacred as some may think especially looking at the benefits it is said to have. At the same time, the way benefits of structured water are, one cannot blame you for thinking it is sacred or miraculous. For decades innovations and technologies have emerged to make water better. Better to drink, to use for household chores, to use for farming, etc. There has been more emphasis on using water for drinking and household chores.

Benefits of Structured Water Demystified

The benefits of structured water are numerous

When you look at benefits of ordinary water as we know it, the structured water pros make the latter appear to be a miracle…

Where structured water is used in place of any other water, be it tap water, filtered water, reverse osmosis, alkaline water, hydrogen water, ionized water, you name it… significant positive changes cannot be ignored. Let us look at the structured water benefits then later at why it is so.

Structured water in all areas of life, it is not limited and is very beneficial in all respects


Personal & Health Benefits Of Structured Water

When you drink, bathe and cook with structured water and use it all around you be at the gym, office or make it your main source of hydration personal and health changes are inevitable. To prove this to yourself you do not need to look far. Observe yourself and is some of what you will notice;

  • You will still get well hydrated even with less than 8 glasses a day,
  • The water is tastier and easily enjoyable,
  • It is cost-effective – cheaper than bottled water,
  • Increased energy through out the day,
  • It will lower your stress and improve your body,
  • It will detoxify your body and improve your immunity,
  • Your hair and skin will glow attaining a youthful look,
  • Cell repair and better absorption.

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Domestic & Household Benefits Of Structured Water

Structured water is not limited to drinking only like hydrogen water and alkaline water it can be used in household chores like cooking, washing vegetables, laundry, gardening and more. When used at this level, and we already appreciate it at personal level, it goes beyond your health. here are some of the benefits of using structured water in your household;

  • Your plumbing will have very little or no scale build up,
  • Electrical heating elements like your kettle or heater will have little or flaky scaling on the heating element,
  • You will need as much detergent for laundry or dishes,
  • Vegetables and fruits washed with structured water tend to stay fresh for longer, even longer when watered with one,
  • Pets and plants will enjoy the same benefits as personal benefits listed above.

Agricultural & Farming Benefits Of Structured Water

When water used for irrigation, breeding, poultry or any agricultural endeavor where water is used is replaced by structured water results would be phenomenal.

Structured Water Benefits For Plants

  • Reduced watering by about 30%,
  • Crops don’t catch diseases easily,
  • Reduced fertilization dosage (30 to 40% less),
  • Good yields with a reduction in fertilizers and weed-killers,
  • Reduction, or complete elimination, of chemical products on crops and vegetables.

Structured Water Benefits For Animals

  • Reduced or no more algae in the drinking troughs,
  • Calcium in structured water is assimilable
  • Less mortality in animals or poultry
  • Increases milk production in cows
  • Less prone to diseases due to improved immunity

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Commercial & Industrial Benefits Of Structured Water

Operation and maintenance costs caused by hard water buildups and scaling are skyrocket high in commercial and industrial establishments. However, that can be a thing of the past when structured water is running in your pipes and machinery. Here are some benefits;

  • Reduced hard water deposits in pipes,
  • Reduced or no scaling,
  • Cost savings in fixing or replacing clogged pipes,
  • Reduced usage of detergent in washing machines,
  • Improved lifespan of machines & equipment

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