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Aqua Energizer Water

Are you looking for better water to drink and use? Look no further than Aqua Energizer water, the best structured water that has been proven to promote optimal hydration.

Aqua Energizer Water Unit

The Aqua Energizer water is verified to have H3O2 water molecules, a sure sign that it is structured. Its quality is unprecedented and here is why;

  • ✓ the water as crisp, clean and supercharged
  • ✓ it is highly hydrating and energizing
  • ✓ cheaper than bottled water
  • ✓ not only for drinking but also for other chores
  • ✓ has ability to neutralize toxic compounds
  • ✓ etc…

Quality Of Aqua Energizer Structured Water

Common water problems we have with city or tap water, well water, filtered water or bottled water are limitless. Either the water does not taste so good or it seems to have some deterring yet subtle smell or it just does not seem to be hydrating enough. These problems will be a thing of the past with Aqua Energizer structured water.

Aqua Energizer water is certified to be or contain H3O2 water molecules, which are what structured water is. H3O2 water or EZ water the phase of water that was uncovered by Dr Gerald Pollack of Pollack Lab, University of Washington. This is the fourth phase of water, as opposed to the 3 already known phases of water, i.e. vapor, liquid and ice. Science has established that H3O2 water is in all living cells, including human cells, and fruits and vegetables.

Structured water is the missing step in most water filtering systems and reverse osmosis machines. This is because standard filtration methods regardless of the complexity of the filtering process, leave water in a chaotic state depleted of life force energy. Measuring this energy with a Bovis scale will prove this to be true. Tap water is estimated to have Bovis measurement of 6,000 BE (Bovis Energy units) at times even lower. Reverse osmosis water has even lower Bois value.

According to this article here on Bovis Units, food, water or anything consumed that is under 6000 BE is consuming life energy from the body, 6500 BE is neutral and normally this value is associated with that of a healthy person and above 6,500 BE is energy giving. Aqua Energizer water is measured to be between 35,000 and 95,227 BE. This high quality water can be produced by simply running water through an Aqua Energizer structured water device.

Structured Water Brands

Science and research around structured water is growing and easily available to consumers and it is the same with structured water brands and companies. This can create a problem for you as a consumer as to which brand to go with. The Aqua Energizer brand is one of the best out there in terms of the quality of the water. It is not only energized to 35,000 and 95,227 BE range but it is also certified to be or have H3O2 water molecules. Validation is key in everything to be deemed authentic.

Aqua Energizer water has also been proven to neutralize toxins and other chemical contaminants which is another property of H3O2 water. Though you may also need to mineralize water especially for drinking and cooking, Aqua Energizer water is imprinted with Ormus mineral information which is bio-available to the body. That is, as you drink this water, to an extent it is the same as drinking mineralized water.

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