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Applications Of Structured Water Products

Structured water products are designed to be able to use this water invariably
The various uses of structured water products ensures that the water is available for use in every situation…

Structured water products come in every form and shape. How water structuring product looks, how it revitalizes water, the design, etc. are all up to the innovation of the manufacturer. However, applications of structured water products are somewhat limited because water uses are not endless and each product must align with the end use in mind.



Structured water is water that has a significant number of H3O2 water molecules such that their presence influences the character and structure of water. The H3O2 molecules are the type of water molecules found around cells in our bodies and it can only be that type of water.

Our bodies have an in-built system to convert H2O to H3O2 but this happens at a very high cost of energy. So it is better to drink water that is predominantly H3O2, that is why it looks like structured water products are manna from heaven when it comes to hydration.

In essence, structured water products, by using different methods and technologies, enhance water to attain or convert H2O molecules to H3O2. These methods are vortexing, electrical field entrainment, or using sound at particular and specific wavelengths, using crystals, etc…


Structured water products restore the living energy of water, back to the way nature intended… to become living water!


Living water has the ability to neutralize bad vibrational energy found in toxins rendering them harmless…


Living water, aka structured water, hydrates well and revitalizes the body… it carries out water duties effectively and efficiently…

Portable Structured Water Unit

A portable water structuring device is portable as the name implies indicating that one can take it with and be able to use it where they go. Portable units are good for travel or living in an apartment where it is not possible to install in an inline pipe.

If you are looking for a portable device here are some options for you.

UMH Portable Device

This is the UMH Live and it is a 3-in-1 device. You can connect it on your faucet such that as you open the tap out flows structured water. It can also be used in the shower to shower with structured water. It also suitable for travel such that you can carry it with you in your bag. It comes with a funnel to make it easy to pour water through.


NAT Portable Device

The NAT portable water structuring unit is also an excellent companion for travel. It is not designed to perform other duties like the UMH device but it can be carried around as well,use it at the kitchen sink. It does not come with any connections. It is a good choice especially when price is an issue.


Structured Water Bottle

There are structured water bottles in the market today and ideal when you want something portable and yet continue drinking structured water while on the go. Structured water bottles are convenient when going to the gym, walking or jogging, travelling. They offer that convenience of structured water available immediately. There are a few options to choose from;

VitaJuwel Structuring Water Bottle uses crystals to revitalize water and there is a wide selection of crystals to choose from. It is very convenient and you have options to purchase it with protective items since it is a glass bottle and very fragile.

Another option is the flask


Water Structuring Disc

There is also a number of water structuring disc available in the market today that you can simply put under the water container and wait some minutes for the water to be structured. The disc has its limitations and at the same time it can be a delight to have. It can be a delight if you are a traveler and you do not want people asking too many question because it is discrete. You simply put it under a glass of water and no one will notice. It can also be used on food easily unlike the top discussed devices.

However there are different types of water structuring discs from different suppliers. Here one stands the danger of buying fake items. You must first be sure of the brand. Examples of Water Structured

BioDisc (you can get this from Amazon, Amecuza, Alibaba, etc)

Water Structuring Disc (from,,


Hexagonal Water Machine

This machine is portable but with limitations because it needs electricity to operate. It uses vortexing method to structure water and if you are traveling and where you go you know there is electricity and socket to plug in, you are good to go.


Mayu Device

There is a relatively newer device called Mayu and structures water through vibration. As the device vibrates the water swirls around creating a vortex that spirals upwards. This device is placed under a glass jar. It comes with this glass jar.

Depending on your needs and circumstances, a portable device is not always ideal. So if you have options it is important to consider them.


Structured Water Shower Head

Some manufacturers recognize the convenience of having access to structured water in the most easy way possible. In some circumstances it may be difficult or not possible to install a whole house water structuring device. This is possible especially when in a rented apartment, in a multi-residential place of you travel a lot and you do not want to miss your structured water.

So a structured water shower head is ideal in such instances, you can simply install it on your shower. If you are looking a structuring water shower head here are your options;

NAT Shower Head Device

This device is installed in your shower and it comes in different sizes. It is handy because you can install it permanently or take it with you as you wish. It is also a good addition even when you already have a whole house water structuring unit already installed because it further restructures water. It is completely fine and encouraged to re-run water through a structuring device for better results.


UMH Live 3-in-1 Device

The UMH Live is a 3 in 1 water structuring unit that can be used in the shower as well as the kitchen or for travel. It is portable and it is highly suitable for travel because you can install it wherever you go. It is another way of ensuring that you use and have structured water all the time.


Under Sink Water Structuring Device

An undersink structured water device is ideal when you already have a water filtering system in place and you can install it just after the system before the sink faucet. This way you will get structured water immediately fom the faucet.



Whole House Structured Water Unit

A whole house water structuring unit is one of the best options one can have because with it you will always have structured water around the house. Every tap in the house will be flowing structured water. Another great thing about it is you can have additional units like portable devices, undersink units, etc and as you use them they restructure water even further.

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